Types of Funeral

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Traditional Funeral

The majority of funerals that take place in the UK would be defined as traditional. This is where a religious minister leads the service, whether it be at a Church, the Crematorium, or any other venue. It does not have to be a purely sad occasion, you can incorporate a celebration of the person’s life into the service. If you decide to go to Church, that is where the main service takes place, there is then usually a brief committal service at the cemetery or crematorium. It is however, becoming more popular to have the committal first, and then a memorial service afterwards, or for the hearse to simply depart on its own after the Church service, with nobody attending the Crematorium. This can be beneficial as it means you are able to proceed directly to the reception, meaning you will not miss anyone who is not able to stay for very long. It can quite easily take an hour to get to the committal, have the service and return.

Non-Religious Funeral

Non-religious funerals are becoming more popular. There is generally less fixed structure to the service, enabling it to be customised more than a traditional service. There are 2 main types of non-religious funerals:

Civil Funerals - A Civil Funeral is a carefully scripted tribute written about the character and life of the person. This personal tribute is often a celebration of the person’s life, recounting their experiences, attributes and qualities. Every effort is made to capture the essence of the deceased and gathering information for this may form a major part of your meeting with the Celebrant. On the day, the tribute, or parts of it, can be delivered by the Celebrant, a family member or a friend. Elements of religion can be incorporated into this kind of service. 

Humanist Funerals - A Humanist funeral brings people together to express sadness at the loss but also to celebrate the life lived. They focus sincerely and affectionately on the person who has died, paying tribute to the connections they made and left behind and the way they lived their life. There will be no reference to anything religious (including hymns) within a service of this type.

Green Funeral

The term ‘Green Funeral’ can mean different things to different people.


It can simply be using a coffin sourced from sustainable resources, through to a woodland burial in a shroud. Whatever your requirements, we are able to assist.


The reason behind choosing a ‘Green Funeral’ will differ from person to person, and that reason may influence the kind of service you want. It may be that you simply like the burial ground, or you may want your remains to have as little impact on the environment as possible.


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