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Funeral Services Warminster

We understand that every family is different, therefore we provide tailor-made funeral services ranging from traditional funerals to eco-friendly green funerals. So, whether you prefer a big event followed by a burial or a smaller ceremony with a cremation, we will listen to your needs and create a bespoke funeral to reflect your wishes and your budget. To find out more about our funeral services in Warminster, please get in touch.

Types of funeral

As a local funeral director, we are completely flexible to your needs. We offer bereaved families the opportunity to tailor our services to reflect and celebrate the life of their loved one. Our funeral services include:

  • Religious and non-religious ceremonies
  • Burials and cremations
  • Traditional funerals
  • Green funerals
  • Themed funerals


Burials can be arranged at your local church or cemetery or you can opt for a natural woodland burial if you prefer. The burial plot will need to be booked with the other arrangements, all of which we will organise for you.


We work with local crematoriums and can arrange for a ceremony and cremation as a final farewell. In addition, we also offer direct cremations which involve a cremation with no service beforehand.

Direct cremations are not unusual and are suited to those that wish to celebrate the life of their loved one in their own way and break with traditional standards.

Traditional funerals

Traditional funerals remain a popular choice for many. Whether you are opting for a cremation or burial, we will ensure that the ceremony celebrates the life of your loved one. Our funeral services can be tailored to your exact needs, so you can choose the type of coffin, ceremony music, hymns, flowers, memorial photographs and route of funeral procession to reflect the personality of your loved one.

A traditional funeral may include the following:

  • A choice of coffins
  • A ceremony and burial at the church or a service at the crematorium
  • A funeral procession

Green funerals

Green funerals provide the perfect opportunity for a person to show their respect for the environment in their final moment. An eco-friendly funeral helps you to minimise your carbon footprint, and we understand this is an important factor for many people. As a result, we can arrange environmentally conscious funerals that have minimal impact on the environment. Although they may not include certain aspects of traditional funerals, we will ensure that we personalise the service to your specific needs.

A green funeral may include the following:

  • Natural coffins made from materials such as wicker, bamboo and banana leaf
  • A natural burial or eco-friendly cremation
  • Organic shroud
  • Absence of plastics and paper service sheets

Themed funerals

Themed funerals are becoming more and more popular. This is because more people wish to break from traditional funeral options. You have the freedom to theme the funeral to reflect life-long interests or career paths. This option not only allows you to get creative with unique ideas but also means you can create a funeral service that everyone will remember.

Funeral cars

As well as our fleet of funeral cars, we can also arrange alternative transport such as white or rainbow coloured motor hearses, horse-drawn hearses, sidecar motorcycles, campervans, tanks and more. To find out further information, please get in touch.

Contact Iles & Vincent Funeral Services

If you would like to have an informal chat about our dedicated funeral services in Warminster, then please get in touch. We offer a professional and supportive service and can help you celebrate your loved one in a way that truly reflects their life.

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